Undead phoenix

Hi all! This my first sculpt in nomad. I wanted to test the limits of both my ipad pro and nomad.
From the start i knew i wanted to create a vivid scene of an undead phoenix rising from the ashes with all kinds of things going on around. I knew i couldn’t get realistic fire effects directly in nomad, so i used lights and feathers to illustrate that fire feel.
All in all, this was a lot of fun! HOPE YOU LIKE IT!


Really Nice, i love it, Nice render and colors !! Good job!

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Thanks! I realise i failed to mention that i did some postproduction in procreate- stuff like volumetric fog, tiny ember sparks etc. and some general adjustments in lightroom. The idea was to see if i can do this type of work completely on an ipad.

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Welcome! Nice one!
With additive material and bloom in post you can create some fiery atmo.

Or use a fog like texture on a plane. Here with Global illumination in post. No lights. Only the fog lights the scene.

Little spheres and depth of field do fantastic dust particles. But maybe Procreate is faster.

One guy on discord made one convincing volumetric fog, but that is very intense for hardware.

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Thank you! Thanks for the tip, i will definetely check it out!

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Very nice work :grin:

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I didn’t know about it,thank you.

Thanks! :pray:t2: