Ultra-thin mesh reconstruction problem

Ultra-thin meshes, such as clothes, silk, plastic bags, paper towels, etc., cannot be reconstructed, which is very troublesome. How to solve these problems?

Create your object as a flat mesh (A)
The problems arise when you voxel remesh a very thin mesh (B), then you get mesh (C).
Create your T-shirt with mesh (A) without thickness.

Very thin meshes need to be reconstructed to look good, and complex shapes cannot be smoothed without reconstruction, and the texture of patterns needs to be engraved on them.

No idea what you mean, you can achieve any kind of texture with the flat meshes and soft surfaces are no problem either. This example is a pure mesh including dragon without UV.
If you need a thickness, it will be created only at the end of sculpting with the mask and extrude.

OK, I get it, brush dynamically where details are needed, thank you.

Since dynamic meshes are irregularly distributed, light sources are not smooth in smooth materials, and dynamic meshes can only be smoothed with higher resolutions. Is there any other way to make dynamic meshes look good on smooth materials?

Regular quads, light sources look smooth on smooth materials, even with low mesh resolutions.

I don’t think that’s quite what Holger was meaning. If you just make a “solid” piece is clothing, you can do whatever you like to it and not worry about the thickness of the cotton / silk etc. It ends up looking exactly the same in your model. The only time you need “real” clothing would be for clothing design, animation of someone disrobing or low poly game engine work (maybe?) - each of those applications would probably better done elsewhere, in Clo3D app on PC for example.
I’m speaking from experience here as my previous obsession with “real” modelling comes from my work as an architect. I find that sculpting is more about getting the final look, rather than having a dimensionally accurately 1mm thick piece of cloth draped over the model. It’s still a shirt or hat or whatever, just doesn’t need to have double the polys to represent the inside bits that no-one will see :slight_smile:

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