Mask Extract

Hey again!
I am not sure if this is a bug or it falls in the feature request category.

I’ve been messing around with extracting mask shells with the objective of sculpting clothes. Although sometimes instead of having the hollow inside I’d rather the new geometry had the added thickness but it was just filled.

I tried using in the mask options Fill instead of Shell. It closes the mesh as I want but it doesn’t add thickness to it.

It’s very similar as if I was splitting and closing both mask and unmasked with Fill.

My work around is doing two extracts one with fill and then with shell, to then voxel both geometries.

I feel it would be more intuitive if all extract operations regardless of the closing actions were affected by the thickness or border smoothing.

I hope this helps

I don’t think it’s a bug, the thickness only apply to shell as the option said “Shell Thickness”
You can using fill to extract and trimming on part that you want it to be open (uncheck the fill option when you trim) and using gizmo to make it slightly big than the model.

Good point, it’s not a bug.

Scaling up with the Gizmo is not quite the same result. My understanding is that the shell thickness pushes out based on the normals of the surface (like the Inflate tool but on the whole model). By scaling up the legs are not going to fall on the center of the new geometry and the thickness won’t be uniform.

Ah now I understand what you mean sorry my English is broken.
There’s another way, you can try it.
Using shell and trim the place that you want it to be open and separate it.
Trim fill must be uncheck.
You will get something like this

Left is outside the orange is the inside

I replace the feet, using feet as example not a good idea. :sweat_smile:

Lol it’s okay, I’m not a native english speaker, I often get everything confused.

If I understand correctly, you’d achieve the added thickness by repositioning this new open shell?

I believe so, since I’m using shell to extract the mask by 0,4 thickness just like your setting,
and trim it both upper side and bottom sides to remove the topology connect (with fill uncheck)
and separate it so got both inside and outside of the shell. You can trash the inside since I believe you don’t need it.

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I see, that’s an interesting approach. Thank you! Yeah after closing the holes I trashed the inside.

It definitely works, but I still wish there was an option to do this with less hassle, lol.