How to smooth or simplify the vertices bumps and lumps

Hi all!
Would anyone know how to smooth or simplify these vertices so that the shape is smoother? The vertices leave the mesh a bit bumpy thank you in advance!

It’s hard if you stick with that topology; the mesh will naturally tend back to those voxel remesh ‘pimples’ the more you smooth.

A few options that have worked for me:

Try a voxel remesh again
Sometimes just shifting the res up a little bit, or down a little bit can fix.

Similarly try the ‘build multiresolution’ slider in the voxel remesh menu, that can sometimes help clear up artifacts.

Use a really strong smooth brush.
Push the intensity slider past 100%, try 800% or 10000%, make the brush small enough to cover the pimple, do a single click. It’ll effectively ‘hammer’ the pimple down so its invisible, but will also leave a harsh edge around it. Drop the intensity back to 100%, smooth out the crease around the edge.

Look at the mesh with wireframe turned off, and in PBR mode!
Some of the matcaps, like the one you have there, are really good for showing you bumps, often too good. By the time you do a full render (especially if you use a SSS material with high roughness), you might not even see the pimples.

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Amazing tips! Thank you so much for the super helpful advice, I really appreciate it!

No probs! I just remembered another way, probably the best way:

Stable smoothing
In the smooth options, try stable smoothing with a high intensity, eg 600%.

I’ll record a little video to show this…

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Amazing!! This really helped a lot! I didn’t realize I could change the smooth settings past 100! Would you know a good value for voxel remeshing to get smooth spheres?
Thank you so much!

There’s no definitive ‘good’ value, it would change depending on the model size, if you’ve distorted the sphere, if you have any extra surface detail etc.

Yet another option would be to project detail from from your ‘bad’ sphere to a fresh good one.

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That did it!! Such a cool feature! Thank you so much for helping me!!

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