UI Improvement - Group Toolbar and Tool Settings

Can you add a UI setting to place all of the toolboxes and tool settings panels on the same side instead of splitting them between the left and right sides? I get a lot of mis-taps/palm-taps with the tool settings on the left when the toolbox is on the right and vice versa.

Most importantly, It’ll also help a user be more efficient with their movements by keeping all of the non-sculpting interactions in one place and allowing them to use their non-dominant hand to manage tools and settings while the dominant hand is used solely for sculpting.


Are you using the Auto-hide toolbox along with the left handed option?

Right now the “left-handed” option only reversethe left and right UI bars.
I can flip the bottom and top menus as well, but I don’t know if I need to do it automatically or if I should provide 3 options (“flip left/right”, “flip top buttons”, “flip bottom buttons” vs “flip all”).

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I haven’t tried the auto-hiding menus. I haven’t liked this type of feature in other apps, so I don’t turn it on.

I was thinking of a UI like this. All the tools and settings are in one spot and accessible with my off hand. The 3-columns on the settings should allow for enough room to adjust each slider without mis-swiping.

That’s a big change from the current UI… this setup will pose some issues.

I’d like to add more customization bt every artists seem to have different need so I need to think more (and I received lot of UI feedbacks).

I’m thinking about a floating panel where you can select widgets in it, the panel could be on top/below the other panel.
Right now ensuring that everything is always visible and forbidding collision makes customization very tricky.

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I have a better understanding of the challenge you face after spending more time with the app this weekend. The UI needs to be extremely flexible to account for all of the viewport dimensions you have to support. My issue may be specific to the size of my device and how I like to work—with all the tools and settings in one place. Anyway, I flipped the UI to the left-handed version and it works better. It helps that I’m becoming used to where the tools are on their menu box.

One thing I noticed is that the tool panel collapses to a single column when the upper menu is open. Is this to prevent the collisions you’d mentioned? If so, that’s a clever solution.

Thanks for taking the time to respond to my comments. I’m really digging the app.

Yep it’s the reason.

For the next release I’ll add the options to flip the bottom and the top buttons as well.