Menu position change, ergonomically better while holding the ipad

To start, I absolute love the app. But :wink:

I often sculpt while hanging in the couch and then I hold the iPad with my left hand. See attached pictures. I paint with my right hand with the apple pencil. The ‘SUB’, ‘Smooth’ and ‘Mask’ buttons etc… are very hard to reach with my left hand from that position.

Would it be possible to have a menu option in the settings somewhere to bring those buttons up? Something like in the attached picture?


Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.

Best Regards,

Stefan Rademakers


Thanks, great model!

For now I don’t plan on changing anything in the main viewport.
But I received several feedbacks (and mockup) similar to yours, although always a bit different in the positioning.

One day I’ll probably add more customization for the left buttons (maybe a dock/undocking system).

Thanks you! The left corner is hard to reach while holding, the exact possition could be different. Docking would certainly help! And I understand, then you solve multiple requests at once.

Thanks for your responce!

I wouldn‘t be very happy about the position.
But I would be 100% happy about a customise able UI.
Not that I would directly change something, I like Nomad like it is.
But the more user, the more requests will come.
A customisable UI will free the developer and leave the responsibility to the user.

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The iPad app Clip Studio Paint has the option of a strip of virtual user programmable hot keys that can appear on either side of the screen in both landscape and portrait mode. It is called the edge keyboard. It is very useful as you can place the most oftern used functions where you want.

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