Feature Requests

Love this app so much! It just feels so good to sculpt.

I’m wondering if you have apple pencil 2 button support planned. Configurable behavior of the button would be awesome. I’m not sure if you can do anything other than tap, but holding the button or sliding in addition to tapping to do different things would be cool.

It could be interesting if you could reposition and scale some of the UI - mainly the subtract/smooth/masking buttons so they can be shifted around to be a bit more comfortable depending on your ergonomic setup / posture / hand position. maybe not so far as floating buttons but repositioning/scaling them on their horizontal axis could be helpful maybe?

Ok back to sculpting!

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I’m wondering if you have apple pencil 2 button support planned.

On next release you’ll see an option for the Pencil double tap but it’s a bit experimental because I only own the 1st gen pencil so I couldn’t test for real.

It could be interesting if you could reposition and scale some of the UI

I already received many different UI requests but full customization is not straightforward so I need to take a step back before making changes.

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This is great!

I just tested out the apple pencil 2 support and wanted to send some feedback. It’s awesome your implementing it thanks heaps! At the moment it’s a little janky in that the icon ( sub / smooth ) doesn’t update after you double tap. It only updates once you put the pen to the iPad and start sculpting. So it’s not clear if the double tap actually registered until you start sculpting. The taps also seem to not register all the time coupled with the UI not updating makes it hard to use in practice.

I just noticed forger released an update that floats a part of their UI. It’s pretty neat actually! Great to hear UI tweaks could happen down the line.

Thanks for feedback, the UI update is an easy fix.

The reason why the feature is experimental is that I only have the 1st gen pencil.

I know, but I’m not going to rush and do it right away just because forger did it :slight_smile:
That being said I’m aware that the 2 vertical bars are important.
So maybe I’ll do something about it in the future.
So far, users want:

  • to move the vertical bars up and down
  • floating bar (both?)
  • icon reordering? horizontal layout?

I’ll have to prioritize when what’s the most important when I decide to make a change.


Totally understand. Loving each update!

Re: “Lock Active Mesh” and allowing mesh selection in the viewport - having a single click to select another mesh in the viewport is prone to misclicks activating other meshes. The ability to set a more complicated hotkey to switch could be nice. I.e. double clicking or finger only. Etc.

FBX import support would be awesome as well.

Another issue I’m noticing is objects seem to have different “world” symmetry settings.

In the image below the body is showing a centered symmetry plane. Imported from an obj. The sphere was added as a primitive and mirrored across world symmetry. Note how despite being set to world symmetry the sphere is offset from the body object in it’s mirroring. I can mirror the body along world position successfully. However, It looks like I can reset world center on the body and it resets to the same as the sphere. How is the body mesh having it’s own world center? Isn’t this just local?

But that’s exactly why “lock active mesh” is present, you can still switch mesh in the UI list.

I can’t reproduce the issue.
Do you have a simple repro case starting from scratch?
If you select the body and go in symmetry panel, check if it’s on World and click “world center” to reset the plane.
Note that symmetry plane is saved per object, it’s not a global settings. However you should not get different plane if you never fiddle with the symmetry settings.

Ah I managed to reproduce a bug with primitives.
When we validate a symmetrical primitive, the gizmo position is not centered.
I’ll fix that, but the symmetry plane is not affected though.

Update: yeah I digged a little bit and there is something wrong with the primitive symmetry.

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True, but this means you need to dig into menu’s. The hotkey to switch subtools is super handy, I just find it a bit too easy to switch IMO accidentally triggering it while sculpting. In zbrush to switch subtools in the view-port the hotkey is Alt+Mouse. This extra modifier with mouse click helps limit the accidental switching of tools while sculpting but remains fast and intuitive.

If by hotkey you mean smart keyboard shortcuts, you can keep pressing shift, then you can multiselect in the viewport.

Hotkey is probably the wrong word.

As mentioned the suggestion would be for an option to have a slightly more complex way of switching subtools in the viewport that lessens the chance to miss select subtools via a single pen tap which can happen often with sculpting nearby other objects.

Possible ideas include: double tap to switch, fingers only to switch (ignore pen), or something to that effect. Double tap might be the better option of these two.


Double tap is already taken by camera focus.

I could make the mesh selection on tap only and not on press, it’s probably the biggest issue.

Update: Ok I made the change, I think it’s much better. I also added multi selection while you hold the smooth shortcut (to be consistent with keyboard). Once again it only triggers on single tap, not on drag/swipe.

I could probably remove the “viewport selection” option but I’ll keep it and see the feedbacks on the next release.

Can you move the view tool from brush panel to smooth, mask panel and add feature hold view tool to pan and zoom with pencil.

Cool! Look forward to trying it out next release