Custom action Pencil double tap

1–it would be great to customize what brush is used for the double tap. Since i can use finger always smooths.
My sculpting workflow is usually building form with clay and then using the flatten tool to refine silhouette.

2–is a tap, lift, tap hold action usuable as another hotkey? like a double tap but hold on the second tap. maybe that one can be add/subtract toggle

1- maybe in the future, the main blocker is the UI (24 radio buttons…)

2- I don’t think you can detect « single tap » because you don’t detect the double tap yourself, it’s Apple that does that for you and s’en you a single event.

Maybe switch to your last tool with a double tap?

Or for brush selection, ui-wise would a drop-down work?

I don’t have any drop-down widgets at the moment, that’s what I meant by “UI blocker”.
It’s usually a standard widget but since I do everything from scratch, there’s some stuff missing.

how about a (Ui button press) pencil flick up, down ,left ,right. Like the blender pie menu …without the menu?

flick up -brush 1
flick down -brush 2 etc
or any custom action

Also would it be possible to have the screen buttons be moved more specifically. I usually hold the iPad with one hand at a specific spot for balance, it would be sweet if my thumb landed on a common button. Like that flick action button hehe

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