Feature Request: Add functionality for Apple Pencil double tap

Great stuff you are doing with Nomad, keep it up!

One thing that I would like to see added is functionality for the Apple Pencils double tap function.
So that when you double tap the side, Nomad switches to the Smooth brush.
Even better if this could be customizable so we can set whatever brush we want when double tapping the pencil.



I’ll try to add the feature for the next release, with the choice between subtract / smooth to begin with.

Note that I only have the 1st gen pencil so I can’t really test it.


Looking forward to see this in the future then :).

Thanks for the last update, apple pencil 2nd gen support is working!
It works as intended and makes the workflow a bit smoother, which is always nice :).

I have some additional feedback regarding the feature now that I’ve used it for a while:

  • It’s not totally clear if you’ve switched to sub/add once double tapped the pencil. It’s first when you make a stroke or pan the view that one can see that the double tapping worked.
    Would be nice if there was a visual indicator upon double tapping, maybe a icon of the tool one switches to appears just by the cursor, and disappears in a second or two.

Anyways, good work, keep it up!