Apple Pencil Pro update


Just got a new M4 iPad with the new Pencil Pro. First off, the hover feature, which now shows the size and angle of the brush is awesome, The other amazing thing is the barrel roll, that can be set for all kinds of things - brush size, opacity, stamp orientation, etc. Finally, there is the handy squeeze feature to change brushes or open a menu or use for the eyedropper tool. I am hoping you are planning on bringing those to Nomad sooner rather than later. Procreate has already added all of that. Just curious if there is a timeframe yet. Thank you for the amazing app as always!


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I wonder when the support for this will arrive.
The first month is already passed. :grinning:

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I feel a little patience is due :wink:

Procreate (Savage Interactive) has many more employees and devs than Nomad’s single employee/dev.

I hope I didn’t come across as rushing things. I figure it will take a bit of time. That Stephan has created this alone is staggering. It’s at least as complicated as Procreate. Really though, all Procreate has done is added the squeeze action as a definable one in addition to double tap, and added the option to add barrel roll to any brush. Of course that might be a lot more complicated than it sounds. I’m afraid I wouldn’t know. Hopefully not too much work .

Haha no, you didn’t come across as rushing. Mostly I was poking at Holger and giving him a hard time :laughing:

I’ve been trying to learn coding lately and it’s been beating me up. It gives me a new appreciation for what goes into apps and how hard it can be to create something.

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