Pressure sensitivity n Nomad (Apple pencil 2)

Hey folks,.
I found myself trying to add some mini scratches to a surface earlier in Nomad.

I had a tiny small brush size and was penning away.

Im not 100% sure… I or was pressing harder on the screen in that instinctive way you do when you draw (it’s great!)

… And I could’ve sworn adding pressure to the stroke was affecting the crease tools effect…

Am I right or just imagining it?

yes, pressure support is a core feature of the apple pencil, its supported in nomad.

I guess I need to experiment more with it. When I first started trying the pencil, I was finding the poison rejection hit and miss.

Which was getting irritating so I generally kept my palm off the screen and used the pencil at a distance. So pretty much just using it as a clicker only.

I then bought one of those artist glove things so my hand position haa changed now.

I’ll have to experiment more.

For some reason I was under the impression that procreate supported it (being mainly 2d), but nomad did not.