Apple pencil alternative? Or not?

Hi everyone, I want search a good alternative to Apple pencil for may iPad pro 2020, the web is full of alternatives but I would like to know from an Apple pencil’s owner if is a good choice an alternative or the Apple Pen is irreplaceable tool for Nomad.

Thanks :+1:

I think @Costorella_Stefano is on the wrong topic :stuck_out_tongue:

As for iPad, afaik you are forced to use the official Apple Pencil, otherwise it won’t support the pressure.

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several of my acquaintances asked me for the same thing and I advised them to take the pencil call and nothing else. they didn’t listen to me results they spent money for nothing and buy an apple.pencil in me.disanr that I was right. now you know what you have to do lol.

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I suggest you stick with the Apple Pencil 2. If you Google reviews of alternative iPad styluses like the review of alternative iPad styluses in 2021 by Techradar you’ll see the third party styluses don’t always support pressure sensitivity.
If you are looking for something more ergonomic, buy the Pencil 2 and then buy a third party Apple Pencil grip. I like the teardrop shaped one by Tranesca on Amazon. Note I cut a slit all the way down it with scissors to make it easier to take on and off the Pencil 2. The Pencil 2 won’t charge with it on.

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Thanks for answers :wink:

Nothing better than Apple Pencil. I use it with this grip:

You dont have to remove to charge the pencil.

Thanks everyone, at the end I bought the Apple Pencil, the best choice.

With the tip cover?

Nope, without. The cover is for protection only. :slight_smile:

Well, I don’t think you will get other better than an apple pencil. However, if you are looking desperately the one I can recommend is Wacom. Wacom knows more about writing on tablets than anybody since Moses, so it’s no surprise to see two of its styluses in our top five. The sketch is a fine-tipped, pressure-sensitive stylus that works on iPad and iPhone via Bluetooth.
So you can think about it. Also, don’t forget to read the return policy before buying it.
Even if you don’t like it after purchase you can return it according to their return policy explained.
Good luck.

Yeah… I have the Wacom Creative Stylus 2 (my ipad is and Ipad Mini 2, so no Apple Pencil support) and have been using it for years with Artrage, Procreate and Sketch Club. But it doesn’t connect to Nomad Sculpt…

And it does support pressure sensitivity.

@stephomi do you know if this is user error or Nomad really doesn’t support the Wacom CS2? :wink:

Cheers y’all

You can try the connect Wacom button in pressure/gesture menu but I don’t think it’s working properly.

Yeah… I tried… but it didn’t indeed :laughing:
Thanks, mate!