Nomad on iPhone Max

I realized this is not the best medium to work on but almost 100% of the time this is what I have in my pocket and not my 12" iPad Pro (I need bigger pockets!). Can anyone suggest a good stylus/pen for iPhone? Cheers!

I know nothing about iphone stylus/pen but to get pressure working with unofficial penil, make sure to enable “allow unrecognized pressure” in the pressure menu.

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I found the 11” iPad Pro quite convenient to carry around, but also I go everywhere with a backpack.

@stephomi I was under the impression that iPhone apps have to provide integration for third party styluses themselves, because iOS doesn’t support system-level integration with anything else than the pencil.

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If you can live without pressure sensitivity, i’d give the Adonit Mini 4 a look… Especially if you’d like to carry it in a pocket

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enable “allow unrecognized pressure” in the pressure menu.
NOTED and thank you.

Thanks for the input. I’ll check it out!

I’m only talking about pressure.
I wasn’t sure about the value returned by all iOS devices in case of fingers.
If for some reasons some iOS returns 0% pressure in case of finger (or screen without pressure), then you simply can’t sculpt.

For Android it can be the case.
I know my device always returns the same value (50%) if I use my fingers, so you definitely don’t want that to happen.

For next release I’ll default to true for “allow unrecognized pressure” on iOS.
Unlike Android, I think iPad always returns 100% for fingers (it’s the case for my iPad Air).