Adding support of SonarPen, pressure sensitive stylus

Hi Nomad sculpt developer @stephomi ,

May I request the Android and iOS version to support the pressure sensitive stylus, SonarPen? We developed the stylus to be low cost, 39.5USD only and works on both platform.

Have a low price tag doesn’t mean we cut corner on the functionality, the SonarPen supports:
Pressure sensitivity
Palm rejection
Shortcut button
Battery-less operation

The SonarPen SDK for both Android and iOS are free to use. We update it constantly to maintain maximum compatibility. It works with all iOS8+ devices (including the new iPhone 15) and over 1200 Android devices (100 brands) on the market. Here is a full list,

The SDK is designed to be extremely easy to use. SonarPen Android SDK is fully compatible with standard Android stylus API. All developer needs to do is to embed a 54kb AAR file to the project and add a few lines of code:

enable the driver
SonarPenUtilities sonarpenutilities = new SonarPenUtilities(context);

view Attach (tell driver where to draw onto)

start using SonarPen

end using SonarPen
And then SonarPen can be used on Nomad Sculpt.

We have been receiving request from SonarPen users to add support of Nomad Sculpt, that’s why I am writing this post. Free evaluation samples are already to send to the developer, please kindly email to me.