Pen calibration tool

Similar to wacom calibration tools on pc. Useful for screen tablets. The only app on android i know that has it is arflow and its amazing. I would appreciate it a lot. With two separate sets, horizontal and vertical.


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On this subject (in case you fiddled with this option)

What kind of settings do you have in mind? (Not sure what vertical/horizontal stands for)

I have artflow but my only Android device is a phone, with no pen.

I think that on phone arflow does not have pen calibration. Only on tablets. Tho to the how wacom emr technology works there is always small shift where pen tip is and where cursor shows on screen. Thats why specific pens like small samsung spens are calibrated to work out of box well on devices that they were made for. But if i would like to use something else like wacom up817e or up911e or even pens from fujitsu tablets like t5010 the shift is huge and a pain to use. So on windows wacom gives tools to shift a bit cursor. You can check this site for more info

Its important to know that angle of the pen when hold is important for such calibration and if i would want to rotate tablet/phone from horizontal to vertical mode it should be recalibrated. Thats why I asked for horizontal and vertical calibration sets. Arflow has only one set. Most of people use tablet in horizontal mode for painting.
Does nomad can be used horizotaly on phones?

Nomad can be used in both mode.
For phones horizontal is not really practical since the radius/intensity sliders on the left would be really small.

As for pencil, my biggest market is by far the iPad with the Apple Pencil.
And far behind Samsung and its Spen.
So I can’t really spend too much time on rare tablet/pen combination, especially with the number of Android devices.

That being said I’m a bit confused by the shift thing, I was thinking on adding an « offset » slider where the cursor would be slightly moved.
The main reason was to help with « I can’t see what I’m sculpting on a small screen because of fat fingers ».

Ah, totaly understandable. Android is in terrible spot, since samsung has monopol on wacom emr. The only other usable tech is aes that is only used by huawei top of the line tablet and mpp used in some motorola phones but they are rare in europe. So in general there are only samsung devices to maintain. There are more emr devices on Chrome OS. Do you plan to support it on this system?

By the way, ive tested nomad sculpt on windows devices, cube mix plus(wacom emr) and lenovo flex 5 14 (wacom aes). Unfortunately windows ink is a mess and makes your program unusable.