Non-touch Wacom Cintiq support

Hi, I recently found out that Wacom Cintiq displays are supported on Android, tried it with Nomad sculpt while having my Note10+ hooked to my Cintiq 22 and as it turns out it works like a charm, including pressure sensitivity and button presses.
Nomad is fully functional this way, except for one thing, and that is zooming in and out because it fully relies on two finger pinch to zoom.
The only way to zoom is using my phone as touch remote, which is quite unreliable when using because having the stylus too close to the display overrides this function completely.
It would be great if there was a way to implement a zoom slider or enable zooming by pressing the stylus button, I think I would even prefer that over touch gestures on my phone and tablet.

There is also camera panning that requires 2 fingers as well.

Desktop tablet are not supported officially for now, so thinking about lack of multi touch support is not high priority.

Isn’t using the keyboard the correct way to move the camera in that scenario?
I’m wondering how you would use the cintiq with 3d desktop softwares (zbrush, blender, etc).

I don’t think there is any additional work to do in terms of support for Cintiq displays, it already worked without any issues or lag, just perfectly useable besides zoom and panning, so I would assume touch enabled Pro Cintiqs will work perfectly already.

Yes, I use keyboard button combinations plus stylus to rotate the camera in ZBrush, I did think to much in terms of pure on-screen control, that this would objectively the better solution.

Being able to map functions to external input devices would be a great addition to Nomad, there are many bluetooth media remotes out there that could be used in the same fashion as Wacom remote, even when used with a regular tablet.

I’m of course aware that none of this is high priority.

Smart Keyboard for iOS is supported.
For Android someone told me it was working but I’m not sure if it works for every devices.

It turns out that it indeed works, I was being stupid and somehow completely missed that keyboard support is already implemented.

However, while all button mappings work, the only thing that seems to be disfunctional is, ironically, zooming.
Once I hit any of the arrow keys the object instantly zooms in to the maximum, filling the entire display.
When I zoom out, it does indeed move away from the camera, but the moment I let go of the button the object instantly jumps back into the maximum zoom position.
It also overrides pinch to zoom and resetting the camera view doesn’t solve the issue, which renders the app unuseable until restarting it.

I made a screen recording of the issue, I first just used touch controls to show it is fully functional and you can see what happens moment I hit the up key and zoom out, do not know if this a Samsung specific issue or exists on all Android devices, but I hope this is somehow helpful and I don’t waste your time with something you might already know.