Trackpad viewport controls

I’ve got a feature request: trackpad/keyboard viewport controls on iPad.
iPadOS now supports cursor control using Bluetooth trackpads and mice. I happen to use an iPad Pro Smart Magic Keyboard, which has a trackpad. Trackpad support is actually pretty useful in a lot of apps, even while using the Apple Pencil.

It’d be great if Nomad Sculpt supported trackpad/mouse viewport controls (right now it only supports viewport zoom). I find trackpad support pretty useful when using stuff on the go with Blender on my laptop.

In Blender, a trackpad can:

  • Rotate view with two-finger drag.
  • Pan view with Shift plus two-finger drag.
  • Zoom view by pinching in or out.

I would value being able to do this in Nomad Sculpt too. Right now the trackpad does nothing in Nomad Sculpt other than zoom in/out and move the cursor. I’d use my dominant hand to sculpt with an Apple Pencil and use my non dominant hand to control the trackpad.

Thanks for considering, and thanks for Nomad Sculpt.