External Monitor using iPad Pro - Is it possible to work with Pencil or just Mouse?

Hello Nomads!

with iOS 16 in M1 and M2 iPads is possible to use the new multitasking tool with an external monitor and have Nomad running in full HD (1920 x 1080 I suppose). However it is not possible to use the Apple Pencil with Nomad in full screen because the only thing the devide detects as INPUT is the mouse (while in fullscreen on HD monitor).

I wonder if its something @stephomi could tweak in Nomad so we could sculpt using an external monitor (non mirror mode) and the apple pencil? Not sure if its a limitation from iOS or the app.

Case is, I like to make tutorials and sculpting exercies on Nomad and record in OBS (via GameCapture). Full screen Monitor works and looks amazing but I can not use the tools with my Pencil unless im on MIRROR MODE or if im using nomad in full screen with an External Monitor, only with my mouse.

Thanks for your input and sorry if its double posting, I searched here but could not find anything.

Cheers. Rhaphi