Nomad on Vision Pro (fall 2024)

Amazing :sweat_smile:

Mixed reality with iPad and pencil and gestures to move and navigate


Skip the iPad… Vision Pro native app: NomadAR® for walking AROUND your sculpt… a flat hand instantly initiates smoothing… splayed fingers for moving…

@stephomi ’s undisputed prowess developing iPad Nomad should at LEAST be considered by Apple for them providing a developer’s hardware version of Vision Pro! :crossed_fingers::grin::crossed_fingers:

Where do we start the petition??


Already discussed on Discord as keynote was happening

Oh, the possibilities of what could’ve been…



No need to cry. It’s only just been released and there is already talk of Apple Pencil compatibility or maybe some other input device being introduced. I find it incredible that Nomad can be operated in the headset without any additional coding, and once there is more thought from Apple regarding control of art type applications then I’m sure Nomad will be awesome.

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