Advice on using external monitor with ipad

Hi I’d appreciate any feedback. I’ve got an M1 iPad Pro and I want to mirror the screen on a larger external monitor (a viewsonic vp2768). I keep reading contradictory things online about how this works (or doesn’t work!) I don’t want the monitor to be an independent second screen, just a mirror of the iPad to give my eyes a rest by looking at something larger.
Is this possible?
I will need to get a usb-c to hdmi adaptor, but I keep reading reviews for products where some people say it didn’t work with iPad, and others say it works fine; others say it used to work, but stopped working with recent iOS updates!
If anyone out there is currently mirroring an M1 iPad to external monitor successfully I’d love to hear what adaptor you’re using and any other advice about the process. Cheers.

What about using airplay/Apple TV ?

Thanks for suggestion but don’t think my monitor works with airplay.

This thread got me mildly curious about mirroring Nomad onto a big screen; not that I’d realistically need to with the sculpting canvas that a 12.9” screen provides.

Swiping down the top right corner of the iPad screen provides two “casting” possibilities. The AirPlay icon is only to send audio (music, etc) to a supported external device. The other feature is the screen mirroring button found adjacent to the Rotation Lock button. Tapping on that reveals the two opportunities for the gadgets I have on hand:

In the living room’s 55” flatscreen HDTV, I have the 1st gen AppleTV 4K attached to it via HDMI. Any of the Apple ecosystem gadgets will mirror to it without fuss; MacBook, iPhone, iPad

I’ve just never specifically observed mirroring a Nomad screen to it. Til now.

iPad Pro in foreground, 55” Samsung wirelessly mirroring it in the distance. No noticeable lag when twirling the sculpt model around. Brush size reticle easily visible from a room’s length.

The other option given to me was to mirror Nomad to my 16” MacBook Pro. Without testing, I’m certain it’d work every bit as smoothly as the AppleTV. This would suggest a third-party HDMI monitor of any size can wirelessly mirror if connected to AppleTV or Mac/MacMini… both moderately costly solutions compared to trying the relatively cheaper HDMI dongle sold by Apple. From what I can tell, they initially made a lightning version but then also offered a thunderbolt version. If it doesn’t work, just use that as grounds for invoking Apple Store’s return policy.


Thanks for the great reply. My iPad Pro is the only Apple device I have, so I’ll explore just getting a simple hdmi adaptor to hook up to my monitor to begin with. However it’s useful to know that nomad can be mirrored wirelessly without lag if you have a Mac/apple tv, and probably quite a few people on the forum. Thanks

For simple mirroring, most USB-C to HDMI adapters should work. I have two from OWC and Apple that work. If you want 4K, make sure the adaper or dock you’re buying supports 4K 60hz as the iPad will favor refresh rate over resolution if it has to choose. The M1 iPad will use a monitor as a second display, but you can make it mirror the built in display in the settings app.
Edit: Also worth mentioning that getting one with power pass-through is a good idea, as the adapter will use the only USB port on the iPad.

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M1 Pro User. Monitor 4K 60Hz with native USB-C works fine… This is not your specific setup but its works in general.

BUT… i think you will not be able to work with an external Monitor well. Without hover functionality it is not possible to use the iPad like an classic non display drawing tablet.

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Cheers. I agree on getting one that will charge whilst using hdmi output. That seems to be the main issue with the non Apple adaptors, lots of reviews suggest they often don’t work properly/are unreliable. Obviously the Apple one ridiculously expensive - but I might get it anyway just to be sure it works.

Thanks; I mainly just wanted the big screen for looking at my work while rotating the model, giving my eyes a break from the iPad; when sculpting I would look at the iPad itself. I used to have a non-display tablet and couldn’t get used to it.