Screen projection from iPhone to iPad or other larger screen

While working on a sculpt using my iPhone 13 ProMax, I found myself wanting to see the same scene being projected to my iPad Pro. That way, while I work on a model that’s becoming to difficult to navigate on the small iPhone screen, I could in theory work on a detailed portion of the model while seeing it updated on the larger iPad Pro screen. Perhaps the iPad would have the better post processing setting enabled for the scene while my iPhone was sort of being used as a mini window into sculpt and the results were displayed in full glory on the iPad or what ever screen nomad was projecting too.

I’m guessing you’ve got a low powered iPad, otherwise why not just use the iPad to sculpt?

I’m using the M1 iPad Pro. It’s what I use most of the time. I’d like to project an instance of my scene to the iPad for easier visibility while working on small details on the phone.

I hate working on the phone, when I’ve got a perfectly good iPad :nerd_face:
Screen mirroring apps do exist

That’s one’s just an example. It’s expensive!!