Huion & Wacom support via pc / dex mode

No one can justify purchasing a $1,300 tablet for an app their phone can run. The limiting factor is screen space.

Huion & Wacom cost around 200$ and interface with android suppprted apps. The S22’s 12 GB Ram is plenty good enough to power the app.

Support for this would save users $1,100 & many would likely be willing to pay a little extra on software for such large savings on hardware. Perhaps even a partnership with those tablets could curb the dev costs.

Win win for all 3 parties involved.

:raised_hand: I justified a $1,300 tablet. And there are others as well. Maybe not just for Nomad, but for other apps and uses as well.

You don’t have to buy the best or most expensive tablet. A basic ipad [$350] will run Nomad just fine (that’s what I used first). And from what people say on the forums, the lower end android tablets seem to run it just fine.

I think it makes less sense for the dev to have to program and maintain another platform for a possibly smaller (niche?) user base.

if ease of workflow is your justification for being a spendthrift - that’s fine.
But there is a lot of demand from fiscally conservatives users, who are waiting for …smarter options.
dex/pc single touch support would satisfy PC community and tablet users - and open the door to substantially higher volume sales. - Ive even seen people stating they would gladly buy the software twice.

Doubling your income for a handful of UEX changes seems like a massive win for them.

Funny how some people get so upset and quickly throw a tantrum and call names. Relax, my guy. I saved for 2.5 years for my tablet and still had doubts about buying it. Spendthrift? Call me whatever you want, it makes no difference. If it makes you feel better about yourself, you can keep calling me names :v:

Im sorry roger

I appreciate the apology.

I’m not sure how long you’ve been on the forum but the dev. is only one guy and has mentioned multiple times not making versions for different platforms. I believe due to time constraints - the amount of time needed for maintaining and troubleshooting all the various platforms. I’m not sure if that’s the reason or not that Nomad isn’t on Huion and Wacom, but I’m sure he has a good reason and if you ask, he’ll likely tell you (if he hasn’t answered the question already).

If you’re working on-the-go, then yeah, you’ll need the pen display. At home, I use a Wacom Intuos with my cheap 24" monitor, and that works great. It doesn’t support hover mode on the monitor, where the classic mouse pointer follows the pen (it does on the phone screen), but the bullseye still follows the pen, and the menu icons are highlighted when the pen is over them, so you still know the pen’s position. The Intuos Small is only about $80 USD.

Pen displays still need mains power so depends on what you mean by ‘on-the-go’

Any situation where you’re out in public but have access to a power outlet, like at college or a coffee shop. If you actually want to draw on the screen, well then I guess you have to buy the pen display no matter what. Otherwise, existing monitor + cheap board is the least expensive option.

Not ideal but I fall into the category of ‘spendthrift’ as Brappineau put it so not really bothered.
I bought myself a £4K Mac Studio to use at work purely so I wouldn’t have to use a Windows machine that would have been provided to me.

If anyone was looking for a cost effective mobile device they might want to wait and see what the One Plus Pad has to offer, I believe it gets launched next week. One Plus are usually pretty solid if Android is your thing

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Please don’t speak on others circumstances because you can’t envision a usecase outside the myopic one you hold. I’ve owned Wacom tablets and worked with cintiqs and 2-in-1 laptops for most my creative years but I’ve never been happier than with my m1 iPad. I’ve recouped the cost in no time doing digital art commissions. I just didn’t like sitting at a desk to work and also don’t love working with a keyboard while drawing, I much prefer tailored touch experiences provided by these apps. Yes I lose out on power and workflow but I gain convenience and leisure which are more important to me to create, plus it hurts sitting at a desk so long. Getting upset over others spending decision in the way you’ve displayed is a bit unbecoming.

Honestly, for that price range, your best bet would be a standalone drawing tablet that without need to connect to a computer.
ipad, samsung galaxy tab, surface pro or something else.

So did is there any suggestion for a Wacom or Huion Tablet withing $300 & $400. Because for my current state i just want to sculpt and draw. Was thinking about an Ipad pro but I will not make sense given my current state.