Affordable ways to use Nomad on very large screens?

I have a 12.9inch M1 ipad, which is great, and larger than most tablets, but I would love to be able to use Nomad on a much larger touchscreen (16 inch or greater).
Is there a way to achieve this that isn’t too expensive? There are rumours Apple is bringing out a 16 inch iPad, but that will almost certainly be more expensive than I would like.

The Samsung galaxy tab s9 ultra isn’t enough of a size increase over the iPad for me to be interested, it’s also fairly expensive.

Is there a fairly simple way to achieve a larger screen (it doesn’t need to be portable); maybe an android emulator on pc and external touch screen - or would these options also be expensive (and maybe have poor performance)?

I’m speechless as I can’t seem to understand your wish… So I guess you want to have a super large touchscreen tablet… I guess you should contact Samsung or Apple to make your wish come true…

But I own a 10" tablet and it’s already so heavy to hold for a long time… But if I use Nomad Sculpt on my 6" phone, the interface feels different. I can’t easily find some menus.

Therefore I got a smaller 8" tablet so I can use it for Nomad Sculpt.

Honestly, it feels great that this app can run in the palm of your hand…

I don’t know why you would want it to be so extra large. Heheh…

Basically I just want ed to know if there is a way to use Nomad on a really large screen without breaking the bank.
People using zbrush can use a large Wacom type display tablet (but as I understand it those don’t have the full touch functionality of iPad/android tablets).
So I guess you are right, I want a very large tablet computer which isn’t very expensive, and I guess those don’t exist!

Have no idea if this is any good as I would never dream of buying another windows device…

you’d need to wait for desktop release of Nomad of course. they have 16 inch displays that connect to android phones but strangely no touch functionality

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Pen Display Tablet | XPPen US Official Store (

Another good one.

Lol I get it. You upgraded to a 12.9” iPad and sometimes long for a larger screen. I once saw a guy designing on a huge screen and was so jealous.

1.	Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ (2020): Features a 12.4-inch Super AMOLED display, ideal for detailed work. Comes with an S Pen for precision.
2.	Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra: Notable for its large 14.6-inch screen, great for expansive workspace. Includes a low-latency S Pen.
3.	Samsung Galaxy View: Unique for its 18.4-inch display, offering a very large digital canvas, though less portable.

Each of these models offers a distinct advantage in terms of screen size, catering to different needs and preferences in digital art and sculpting.

$129 AppleTV would effectively let you use it on the biggest screen available to you. Picture proof in the thread above. You’d still use the iPad & Apple Pencil in the same way ZBrushers would use a graphics tablet while sculpting on a large desktop PC screen.

Hello will the software work on Wacom or Huion?. if so is there any recommendation for either that is less than $400? at my current state i just want to sculpt(Without lag) and and draw.

So this will not work on Huion or Wacom Tab?. If not do i have to buy either and connect to my Iphone? Wacom/Huion(With DIsplay).

Hi there,

is it about sculpting on a huge screen to avoid zooming?
If yes, this could be difficult.
There are plenty of solutions out there, to use your ipad as a pen Display for your desktop, but nothing vice versa.

In this case Android is much more superior, as some guys build a Desktop setup around their smartphone.

Another option, and this helped me in some cases, is just to see things on bigger screen.
But even those app are not cheap.
Anydesk made the best impression to me. Pricing is a bit hilarious though.
Or Apple’s sidecar.

But using my Cintiq with Nomad is possible with webdemo only so far.
Me personally, I often prefer my 10,5" ipad over my old 21" Cintiq non touch.
You have to move your arm much more, which will get obvious after some 12hrs days vers quickly.

I can mirror my iPad to my monitor with just an hdmi adaptor, but my iPad doesn’t have Apple Pencil hover function, so I can only sculpt when looking at iPad.
I’ve made some things using very detailed reference/blueprints, and this can be difficult on the small ipad screen, especially positioning control points for polygon trims etc. It would be great to have a much larger workspace for these sorts of things.
I guess I was wondering if some relatively inexpensive large touch screen input device could be paired with the iPad somehow; the iPad runs nomad beautifully, so I don’t need new processor, just larger touchscreen. But it seems that nothing exists that could work that way unfortunately.