Troll sculpt

My exploration of nomad app on android. Sculpted on galaxy note4 pluged to external monitor and used with bluetooth keyboard. Free version so cant do much about it. In my optinion usable but painful. I was not able to export anything, even exporting png renders dont work. At last printscreens work. Regards.



By the way there is web demo, nomad - WebAssembly, but it’s not up to date. And it’s simply experimental.

Nomad was mostly design for a tablet experience though (iPad, Galaxy Tab in mind).


Hi, yes ive tested it. Im not used to sculpting on small screens. 5.7" is to small for my taste. But when hooked with 27inch external screen it does not matter. Im not planning to get another tablet especially with android but i will keep my eye on some note phones. I dont know how much this troll has tris. But at this stage it is usable, and hiding parts helps a lot. Selecting parts and posing is a pain but it can be done. Ive encountered many issues and i would chamge a lot but litteraly had one ui hang that needed restart and no crashes so its a decent app.

Ive just jumped on nomad train with full version. I can now officialy ask for features lol :smiley:

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