Bug: pencil double tap

When the add/subtract option is selected: the mode changes, however this only reflects on the interface (the subtract toggle doesn’t change) after the first interaction.

When the smoothing option is selected: nothing seems to happen.

@stephomi I have a 2nd gen pencil and would be happy to test if you start a TestFlight program (apple’s beta testing solution).

See this answer for Apple double tap.

For TestFlight I closed it when I did the first release.
For now I don’t plan on reopening it (same as Android).

Maintaining several version on different platforms is a lot of work (single-man project), especially if I release the desktop version as well.

I might reopen it in the future, probably just for iOS though.

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@stephomi apropos, can we expect a desktop version sometime soon?

Nope, I’ll probably do it at some point but not soon.