Trying to think of workflow for designing historic building

Hi all,
I’ve been considering trying to model this house for a while.

I used to use SketchUp, a software fairly set up for this kind of task.

I’m now using Nomad currently as I just like the portability.
The other reason for it, is I just found Sketchup quite limited and janky for texturing (an area which i want to develop skill in).

Previously it would be like this:
Create a shape like a rectangle, use a 2d line tool to draw an outline, eg 2x lines diagonally down from the centre (top of the rectangle), into the bottom left and right corners (to create a triangle out of the rectangle basically).

Then use Push/Pull to push cut away the top corners (pushing backwards), to get rid of the geometry.

Push/Pull in SketchUp

Can anyone suggest to me how they might go about modeling something like the house above?

---- things like the fencing, no problem, lathe a shape, create an array.
same for the details just under the gutter area, same for pillars.
stairs, no problem, just rectangles/cubes with chamfered edges potentially.

But another question, I wonder how to go about cutting holes in surfaces, lets say i wanted to model the window. I guess I could use subtract method (remove one geometry from another).

Anyway, just looking for idaes really to get started.
Anyone got any tips?

My previous building models:

If you’re used to using sketchup have a look at Shape 3D…

Ill give it a look, thanks

would it be feasible to model hard surface models like buildings in Shapr3d, and import its model into Nomad for texturing>?

It’ll give you a low poly triangulated obj which can bring into nomad but I wouldn’t advise vertex painting due to having to have high mesh density unless it was flat colour. For high res detailed textures best to UV and paint in procreate

I have made a few videos on Youtube, on the channel just search for : Nomad Sculpt CAD, you may find a few ideas.
I also came from Sketchup - I almost do not need it anymore.

There are really many ways to do these things with Nomad, unfortunately they require a lot of explanation …

BUT you have to forget how to work in Sketchup…

Hi Steve, thanks.
I did a short test last night, created a basic model in Shaper3D and imported into Nomad. I see what you mean about the mesh. It created a very basic bunch of triangles more than anything, I could tell it looked iffy as the shading looked weird.

However after I re-meshed it up to 300 detail, I was able to paint on it pretty well so I’m hopeful I might be able to do this, I’ll have to experiment more.

Luckily, I seem to have got an educational license for free as I work at a college. (Shaper3D)

Question about the procreate workflow (I’ll probably cave in and buy it at some point) but I’m just not sure I’m keen on painting separately away from the model, then mapping on to the model. I’m not sure I’m so up for this workflow but it may be what I need to learn/get used to.

looks interesting, thanks Holger I’ll have a look.

If I understand you correct (about the line regarding flat colour)… are you saying that the best chances I have with a direct import from Shaper, is to keep the model (in Shaper) to flat colour only? (ie no textures). --that was my plan already, just to mention.

Yeah, just dropping paint colour on each object will be fine, if you wanted to add wood grain or general wear & tear then you’d need hi poly count or UVs

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