Measure surface area

First ever post and newbie question. I build physical models (using clay, plaster and stuff) of environments which are then made full size. Roller coaster theming, zoological exhibits etc.
I have been using Nomad for the last few days and it has blown me away in how easily I can build the parts I need for my scenes.
My question is:
I need to calculate the surface area of the elements and I don’t think it is possible to do this within the app. I see many people are exporting to Blender but cannot find anything about exporting to other programs. Is It possible to import Nomad Sculpts into Sketchup or Autocad? Maybe someone has a work flow suggestion for this?

Nomad models will import into any other 3D software, only thing to be wary about is the vertices count. Sculpting software takes this to very high levels, higher than what other 3D design software will generally utilise (CAD for example). Just keep models at modest level for what you intend to do with them after.

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Thanks so much! Still trying to get a Nomad sculpt into Sketchup Pro, it wont accept .obj natively, tried two plug-ins but no luck yet. Doing something wrong obviously, will keep trying.

Export in .stl instead. SketchUp takes them without work arounds - I’ve done it quite a bit.

Tho only thing you have to be careful of is your file size/poly count. Make sure to decimate your model as much as you can. Otherwise it’ll take forever to import and you’ll likely have holes in your mesh.

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Encouraging to hear that other people are doing this.

.stl’s show up in my import selection (not greyed out) but they disappear when trying to import, more than likely newbie error though.

I found Sketchup extension called Skimp, tried it out and it imports my sculpts, including .obj really well so far. It allows you to reduce the poly count which is super handy. Now I can build up a library of elements using Nomad and then build up my scenes/landscapes in Sketchup.