How can I paint slate or stone walls onto a shape?

Hi all,

I’m very new to 3D sculpting and Nomad Sculpt, and I want to recreate some historic houses from my town in Scotland. The construction style is stone walls, slate roof, and wooden window frames and doors.

I’ve created a cottage using primitives - boxes and boolean to create frames etc. To make the outer walls seem less computer created I’ve used the clay and Smoot tool to give a bit more roundness to chimney shape and outer wall.

My issue now is that I want to add my texture, and even after following a number of tutorials online I only seem to be able to change the colour of the shapes and not add photo textures.

Is anyone able to point to a tutorial that shows how to make a slate roof or stone wall, and if not, is there anything obvious I should make sure I’m doing?

Many thanks!

Thank you Holger,

There was something you said in your video about enabling stroke paint, and I don’t see an option to select that option in any of the paint/texture screens. I’ve added a couple of images, the house I’m using as inspiration for my first attempt, and a screenshot of paint setting.

I have so far still been unable to paint that onto the roof of the house.

Oh by the way, I’ve joined your Facebook page, but will keep this discussion here so others may benefit in the future if I manage to succeed.

Do you want to print the house with details or do you just need colored textures?

My hope is to create a street with all of the houses looking as realistic as possible so that I can use it as a scene in Blender for a short story. There are many tales I’d like to tell using actors but don’t have the money or time to build a real set, and the buildings today are quite different from when they were built in the 1800s, and I want a street that mimics how the town looked 140 years ago.

I’ve just finished watching another of your videos about adding textures to a stair with UV mapping, and I’m wondering if I should create the walls of my house using that technique? The wonderful thing about that video, if I can duplicate it, is that your version of Nomad Sculpt in the video looks very similar to the version I’m using, and you’ve used photographs with a little roughness and that is very much what I think I’m looking for. I am so grateful you’ve made as many tutorials as you have, but I’m so frustrated I can’t seem to duplicate them with my model; so I think I need to start my house again like you did with the stairs and see if that works.

The video with the stairs is probably the right way for you.

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Thank you very much for your help, I’m going to try that video this week and I’ll share how I get on :slight_smile:

How are you getting on Michelle?
I don’t know many people tackling buildings in nomad!

I remember you from your reply on an old thread I posted, on the similar subject matter!

Take care!