Trouble setting rotation snap

I’m trying to create a dodecahedral crystal. First I’ve made a symmetrical object, with the plan of duplicating it 4 times (total of 5) rotated at 72° increments. Trouble is, when I try setting the snap to 72°, it automatically rounds to 70° (Do they assume that the only useful snap points happen at 10° increments?). Is there a way I can override this?

On the same subject, all the videos I’m finding on the subject show a slider on the upper left when the gizmo is selected. I’m not finding this slider, so there’s no way for me to see how many degrees I’ve rotated an object. I just installed it tonight on a new iPad, so presumably it’s all the latest versions. Is there a way of displaying the slider that I’m not aware of?


The slider no longer exists. Press and hold with your finger and then slide (only with active snap) or press and enter the number. Some degree numbers cannot be set, e.g. 22.5 degrees or 72 degrees, I have no idea why. Sorry, division 5 work also for the Cylinder, you can use it.

This can be done with cylinder primitive as well, Holger.
Problems starting above division x >6

Honestly, I would download it from sketchfab.


Look at that :vulcan_salute:

Double Edit:
What a cool generator!
Ok, I have no idea what I am doing but the output….
Fu** YES! I am in love!


Wow, that’s awesome! Especially the export & direct open in Nomad!!

Hahaha - only for you my friend. Can’t wait to see your architectural objects made in Nomad :vulcan_salute:

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I’m now frantically googling for other online generators. There is a Voronoi mesh generator that I found which gave good results. Not iOS however.


Good for quick spirally objects, had a little play - nice find!

I do miss being able to set it at 1 degree increments. @stephomi Any way we can get it changed back? 5 degree increments is a little limiting.

There is a bug, normally manually input should allow in-between values.

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The manual input jumps around again, so 72 degrees does not work.

Experienced same here. Manual input should allow any value imho.

No release was done since this thread…