Found Grizmo rotation angle snap (slider) :-)

I accidentally moved the slider while in Gizmo mode :rofl:
Man, took me a while to find the reason for snapping rotation steps.

Two things I just want to give my fresh experience with.

  • a visual hint would be nice that the slider is controlling the snapping. I did not find any documentation, so it drove me a tiny bit crazy. Even though once aware of philosophy that no control icon without sense is visible, I should have been able to find it.

  • a numerical input for values like 22,5 would be nice. - solved by Hon

Great stuff, really. So much fun to discover little gems like this.

omg I accidentally turned this on once and thought it was a bug. Never figured out how to do it again until you posted this.

So, thanks! :slight_smile:

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Isn’t that already kind of supported? Under matrix body you can set numerical angle for rotation

Oh crap. I forgot that was there. That makes it a whole lot easier for doing radial symmetry for options that aren’t whole numbers. Awesome. Thanks.

True, for this rare case one can copy paste the number as often one wants. Solved!