Axis color in Gizmo Settings Matrix

Or Just coloured numbers, but something to give optical link to axis.


I could do that, only makes sense if the gizmo is in “Local” mode though.

Added it in nomad - WebAssembly


Tu as fais ma journée, j’ai été faire le curieux pour voir si le grab radius etait la et juste MERCIIIIIIIIIII je vois qu’il fonctionne pareil que sur zbrush j’ai hate que la nouvelle version sorte merci.

Just had time to test it today with a Win 10 PC and Firefox.

Brilliant! So much more orientation.
Ok, I see the point with local, but still a good help. Move still profits.
There could be an absolute & relative toggle to reset numerical input to zero before entering a number.
But this took me quite a while as an autodidact to understand.
Maybe a bit complicate for other newbies as well?

Anyway, thanks a ton! This helps a lot. :vulcan_salute:

Btw. On Firefox no numerical input was working, but I guess this is a webdemo thing,isn‘t it?