Snapped rotation - preset to 5,10,15..45,..90 - on/off toggle

so somewhat a bug-ish but also a feature request i suppose.

turning snap on and off requires tapping to activate the snap, then requires setting to 0, to turn off. can we have a toggle - on and off instead of deleting the snap angle amount?

2: when i click on the snapping, it auto fills with 43, which is not great for rotating - by default id expect maybe 45 or at the lower end around 5 degrees.

3: can we have a base default of 5?. with options to go up?. most that use the snapping function will be snapping at a 5-15-45-90 angle ratio. those who pick anything but a 5degree snap will be rare.

Yes I’m not happy with the current solution either.

I don’t really want to have 2 buttons though, so maybe a simple snap on/off option and moving the angle option in the gizmo menu.


yeah simply on + off + a base setting of a 5 degree snap rate would solve 99% of the annoyance for this. if thats possible to fit in. Thanks stephane! :slight_smile: