Help please!

Okay, i just made an account, and im wondering how to make a sculpture or whatever. Im not sure how to use this website!

Step 1: You start by going to the App Store or Google play and buying Nomad Sculpt

Step 2: Start sculpting

Oh, i see, how much does it cost?

Can someone help me with this? I was drawing and I think I accidentally set the height to 0 and now I can’t see any of the object anymore.

Just tested it myself to see what would happen. The handles still remained and I could readjust it. With where your snap cube is showing, it could just be off screen. Could be something else, but since it’s still just an invalidated cylinder, you could just delete this one and create another. Maybe someone else will have a better solution.

With the cylinder selected you should be able to easily find it by using the button next to the snap cube. It will zoom and center on your cylinder.


If you hit the 3 dots, you will get the numeric parameters of the cylinder. Change the height to 1 and you will see it again.

Thank you, guys, but nothing seems to work. I tried hitting the 3 dots too, and this is what they have. I even tried creating a new object and importing my other drawing, but still I can’t see anything.

Not those 3 dots - it appears that you’ve already validated the cylinder at a tiny scale. I was talking about the cylinder parameter menu, prior to validating. The three dots open up other parameters as follows:

Easiest solution for your current problem is delete cylinder and start again

Try to upload the nom file here.

Hide all the objects and only display the tubes.
You’ll need to reset the camera viewpoint.
If for some reason it doesn’t work, delete the tube and redo it.