Triplanar crashes Nomad - no restart till iPad quick reset

Hi, just for notification.
Working on triplanar object with max resolution crashed Nomad. No restart possible. Needed to reset iPad (Pro 10,5” IOS 14.2. ) with home button plus lock button. Now it looks fine again. No big stuff 1,4 million

You simply ran out of memory, I don’t consider it as a bug.

That being said iOS should kill the app automatically.
At least this is what happens on my iPad Air 3rd gen.

When you say crash you mean it was simply frozen? Did you wait long enough?

Note that triplanar is based on voxel remeshing so since it’s volumetric it can use lot of memory during the operation. I did some memory optimization but ultimately mobile devices tends to run low on memory in comparison to desktop.

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I wouldn’t consider this a big thing either.
The only reason I posted, was that Nomad didn’t start again. Yes, I waited quite some time. Anytime later I tried to start the app, Nomad only showed black screen. I guess it was a problem with reopening a corrupted autosave. After iPad quick reset it was gone.