Toolbar small usability change

Hi, I think for the larger tablet screens it would be a nice improvement if the toolbar wouldn’t collapse to 1 column when a menu is opened.

I always use a “max column toolbox” value of 2 (that way I don’t have to scroll the toolbar)

What happens quite often that I have a menu open and then I want to switch to another tool quickly without closing the menu - but then it’s difficult to find the tool because the num columns is back to 1 and the buttons are in different places - I think on tablets there’s enough screen space to avoid having to do that.

What could maybe help is an additional “min columns toolbar” setting which could be changed up from 1. I would set it to the same as the “max columns toolbar” so it doesn’t collapse when the menu opens. Alternative could be a toggle “collapse toolbar when menu opens” that could be turned off.

I don’t get it, when a right menu is opened, there is only room for one column.

I was thinking of shifting the menu a bit in that case:

I would have it at 2 columns always, so the toolbar is something “fixed”

it could be something like “min column toolbar=2” in this case

Ah ok. I won’t do that it would be a nighmare and I don’t think it’s a good design to adapt panel in a tetris-like fashion as it wouldn’t be scalable.

I’d rather use focusable/draggable window/panel system instead, for now it’s not really planned but it’s something that I had in mind, maybe to give more customization control (something similar to ImGui interface).