Lock Toolbar Column Amount

As always, thank you for making the most amazing sculpting app ever. I use it almost daily. It’s very therapeutic. :joy:

One item that is a constant annoyance to me though is that the toolbar continually reverts to a single long column.

I have mine set to two columns, and currently all my tools show on screen at the same time. But then it reverts to a single column and I have to fish for my tools.

It seems very odd that the default is to keep undoing what I’ve chosen in the first place.

Can you add a little tick box to lock the toolbar format, or maybe “Min column toolbox”?

I am answering just in case you haven‘t tried following:

  1. by tapping on wrench icon it reverts to your chosen column amount
  2. If you check autohide, you can unhide by tapping on brush symbol. In this case only selected amount of column are show.

I know, it is not exactly what you are looking for and just in case you haven’t tried. There are a bunch of operations where column number is temporarily auto - reset to one row to save some screen space.