Toolbar question

Is there a way to set the toolbar so that it defaults to two columns instead of a single column?


Max column toolbox

Thanks for the reply. I have mine set to 2 as you have shown. But when I open a “new” project it defaults back to a single row. I guess it is not a big deal. Thanks again. I appreciate the reply.

I can‘t explain this. Here it switches to one row time by time as well. Don’t know if I am hitting the tools icon by accident. But once tapped on tools icon, it should swap to two rows again. If a menu is opened it switches to one row as well, but switches back when menu closed.

There is “save gUI with project” under settings/experimental …?
Or it’s your device screen dimension?

I don’t have the “save GUI with project” under experimental settings but there is a “Load project gui settings” there and when I checked it, it worked.

Thanks for your replies…they solved the issue! Very grateful for the input. And yes it reverts to a single row when a sub-window is opened but snaps back to two when it closes.

Uups…did I wrote ”save”? :relaxed: But it solved your issue. That’s cool :vulcan_salute:

Normally you shouldn’t check this option.

Note that when you restart Nomad you always start with 1 column, but you should click the top-right icon to unroll the toolbox (2 columns in your case).

Ok… I will uncheck that. Could you briefly tell me why this should not be checked? Thanks

All the global settings that are saved are also saved in the project file.
However when you load a project, only the settings related to the scene itself are loaded (postprocesses, shading, camera, etc).

The rest of the options usually concerns the Interface.
Typically you don’t want to have your UI changed when you load an old project.

This option can be useful, for example, when you transfer a project to another device.
By checking this option you can reload the interface settings.


Thanks for taking the time to explain that Stephomi!