Load new projects with preset Background and Shading

I’m not sure if this feature has been changed or added somewhere else, but I haven’t been able to figure it out. Before the recent update, every new project loaded up with the same background, shading, etc. that I set up to my preferences. Now, every new project loads with a generic setup. If this is an intentional change, it would be nice to have a feature where you can keep your previous settings so you wont have to manually edit this every time you start a new project.


If you open an existing project and then create a new project, the settings from the existing project will be retained.
I agree with you that a default “template” for new projects would be nice to start with.

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It doesn’t work anymore in the latest version, at least not for me it hasn’t. I’ve tried loading from multiple different projects and none of them will bring over my previous settings. Every time regardless of what settings I change, all new projects revert to the same background and turning the grid back on. It’s not the biggest deal in the world but frustrating nonetheless.

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Why not deleting everything and simply use “save as”?

You’re correct, it doesn’t work in this version. I hadn’t noticed until now.

You’re not able to save projects if you delete everything, so that wouldn’t be a simple solution. I would have to leave a sphere or another object in there in order to create a “template”, but if I forget to “save as” a project and leave that template for the next time, I would end up overwriting and have to redo the process again and that would get probably get annoying after a couple times. Hence the reason I thought this of this request.

I am not talking about saving a template.
The old behavior is the same as deleting everything in the scene and adding a sphere.

I understand your logic, I guess I’m just not understanding your response. The main reason i posted specifically in the Feature Request forum was the fact that I did not like how new projects loaded.

Creating a “save as” project was one of the first things I thought of before I decided to write this, but it’s only a temporary workaround, and not a very good one IMO.

I want to clarify that I am requesting the return or implementation for the loading of attributes (background color, shaders, etc) from previous projects, not to ask what a solution would be to replicate the old behavior (that was done automatically before the current version).

Even the orbit mode is reset to “turntable” and I always use “trackball”. Also the grid is turned on by default. Seems like the old method was better but maybe with the inclusion of a “reset default” OR “save as default” button?
Instead of just hitting new and starting sculpting, we now have to either “open previous / delete all / saveas” before we start a new sculpt OR go into settings for things like “orbit mode / background / grid” before sculpting with our usual settings.
There is still a “reset to default” button on the Project menu, but we’re getting automatic partial “reset to default” when we open a new file.

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It’s a bit of a nuance having to readjust all these settings, does tie in to my request as well for saving the UI to how we personalise it to. Even if Nomad crashes or iOS force closes the app, brushes and tools are set back to default radius and intensities when it boots up and automatically loads the last scene. Big time saver if we didn’t have to keep adjusting this each time, also artistically, once I’ve got certain tolerances in I hate tuning it again. Turning off the Lazy rope stabiliser each time is a personal grievance.

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Save your tool? (these are handled separately than background/lighting, etc)

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Didn’t think to try saving each tool setting, if that stops them reverting back to default that’s a nice compromise for me already. Thank you Stephane.

The reason I dont find the “delete all” or “save as” solution useful is due to the fact that I’ve ended up overwriting or messing up files like this before. If I forget to duplicate the file and end up having to create a new “blank” project from an old one to save all my presets for the next sculpt, it will get really annoying eventually. I have horrible memory, so I would most definitely forget. I feel like having the old behavior back or creating a new option would just be a better solution.


When you want a special file to Startup with, load this instead of using new as already suggested. But save a duplicate somewhere and you are save forever.
You could duplicate it via files app to downloads on your iPad, or a special folder, to cloud drives or to all of them :grinning:
Spread the default scene everywhere :joy:

The only thing is that Nomad browser has “latest” order as the only sort option. If you could sort files by name as well, and give your default scene a name like 000default it would be always on top. That’s the way I do it on PC at least.

But what I found out seconds ago……if you long press a Nomad project in files app till the copy etc. pop up menu appears, just release and tap it once again.
The scene will be opened with a little delay in Nomad.
In files app, you can sort your projects however you want.

But it’s a bit spooky if you haven’t saved the actual scene before as there is no “overwrite” question. Need to check again.

Edit: yes, there is no “overwrite” request. It just opens the scene with a serious delay, 20 seconds here on iPad Pro 10,5”

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I’ve been testing out this “save as” method for the past few days, and it has proven to be a bit tedious and frustrating.

My workflow usually consists of sculpting hands and other body parts separately from the rest of the model, so sometimes I can have up to 3-4 projects for one model before i end up merging them all together.

Before this change, all I would have to do is load a new project and get right to sculpting. Now, I have to load my “template” project that has all my settings, save it under a different name, and then start to sculpt. It might not seem like a lot, but when you’re doing it several times for each model you’re working on and trying to not to forget about overwriting the “template” project, it gets frustrating really easy.

I’ve found myself instinctively pressing “New” each time, and then realizing my settings don’t stay, and I have to go through the process first. In my opinion, I do not feel like this is a good alternative.

I started to learn and enjoy this program due to the ease of creating and the fact that every time i load up, it felt like i was picking up where i left off. Almost every project I have saved on Nomad has the exact same settings, lighting, shading, etc. since I found the perfect settings for me. Now, loading into a new project makes it feel unfamiliar again.

I’ll continue to try to adjust to this workaround because Nomad has become my favorite sculpting program, but if it proves to be too tedious while working on future projects, I feel like I’ll end up not using the app anymore.

Hopefully this feedback helps.

Just out of curiosity, not getting involved or disputing anyone’s workflows - but how come you sculpt the individual pieces in different files and then bring them together? Any reason why you don’t just work on the model in one scene? I’m just being nosey and interested. :grin:

I have really bad ADHD and i’m fairly new to the 3D art world, so I find that working on separate projects helps me focus better on specific parts like the hands and adding the right amount of detail. Most of the time if I’m making everything in the same project, it just overwhelms my brain 😵‍💫.

I’m sure there’s ways to do it more efficiently, but personally I’ve found my method to work well for my use case. The issue of the scene settings not saving probably isn’t that big of a deal for most people and I’m sure a majority will end up using the workaround or just adjust to the new behavior, but it definitely affected my experience with the app so I thought I might as well put my ideas out there

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That’s understandable man and makes perfect sense. I was just curious that’s all. lol 3D work is like having your brain ran over by a steam roller sometimes - I know exactly where you’re coming from my friend!

I have absolutely no knowledge how much ADHD is affecting you, but let me tell you some tips that might help. They help me at least.

  1. If your mesh consists of multiple parts, make extensive use of Solo Mode. I am using this very often to focus on one object only, but with a one tap chance for an overview in between.

  2. If you want to focus on a part of an object, use Hide Mask (the eye in down left shortcut menu) just mask the part you want to hide and tap on the eye icon. But remember the area where your mesh is connected to hidden part. Better don’t sculpt over this. This would produce visible steps when you unhide again.

  3. Sort your workspace.
    Perspective makes me nervous sometimes, therefore I placed the perspective icon in down left shortcut menu. Switching to Orthographic view is often so much easier to work with.

  4. Use plain views in orthographic.
    Views like front, side etc. Therefore I placed the snap camera icon in shortcut list as well. The cube does it’s jobs as well, but I like the little icon more. If you are already in plain mode like front view, tapping the icon will flip to back view - always opposite. Again this helps me for better to orientation.

  5. Store Camera views.
    It is relaxing to be able to come back to a certain view angle you like, whenever you want with just one tap on “Add view” in camera menu.
    It even remembers if it was perspective or orthographic.

  6. Use lock camera
    With long press on orientation cube, you can lock camera. You can still move and zoom with two fingers, but rotation is blocked. This is eliminating another unexpected thing from your work.

  7. Incremental save!
    Most important!
    First save your project with name. The second time you want to save, use “save as” and tap on little plus icon on top. This will add something like (2) behind the name and save it as a new project. This takes away a lot of stress.
    You can always go back if something serious messy has happened.
    I am doing this since decades - well one program I have to use has no undo……understood :crazy_face:

Since you say you are new to 3D, this might help. It is helping me a lot, so try it, you have nothing to loose.

I’ll tweak the behaviour a bit but don’t expect me to conserve * exactly * the options that you want to keep.

There are tons of options in Nomad, some assigned to the project and some other globally.
Unfortunately a few of them are ambiguous at to where they belong.

Not everyone does that. Most desktop software starts with the same blank state.

There are LOT of users who restart the app just to rely on the fact that some options are not saved (for example tools are not saved automatically, and often I see people toggling an option by accident and restarting the app because they don’t know what they did wrong, for example the “relax” option in the smooth tool).

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