Save selected

We had this in help forum.
Safe selected as Nomad scene could round up the save & export portfolio.
In export it is already available. It would be consequent to offer this for scene as well.


Makes sense to implement.

This would be really useful.
Save as (in the Project Files) - ONLY for the active objects.

It is very inconvenient to save individual parts / objects from a scene in a new project.
At the moment you have to export them first and then import them again in a new scene.

Sometimes it would be very handy to edit individual objects in their own scene, so you can greatly increase the polycount to optimize the object and safely decimate it.
After that you can add the object to the main project with add to scene.

I don’t get it, it already exists.

There’s a checkbox in the “save as” feature.


omg !
Damn, I have never noticed this checkbox !!!
I am speechless .

Me too! Never I view it and each time load, delete all the others elements and save as… :sweat_smile: