Save part of sculpt as separate Nomad file?

I have a basic question. I’ve sculpted a body, head, and hair in the same Nomad project. I’d like to save each component as a separate Nomad file so that I can reuse each element as a base mesh for future projects. I know I can export the selected object only by checking “selected object only” in the export settings. But is there a way to save the selected object in its own Nomad file, alone?

Many thanks!

Not possible.

But you can export selected as gITF. Saves subdivisions and paint.
That’s all you need.

Use the Save As option.
Save it as a different project, delete the parts you don’t want, and you can use whatever is left as a base.

Keep the original projects and just do the above for any parts you want to separate into their own projects.

Thanks for the replies. I didn’t think of simply renaming, deleting unwanted parts, and renaming again. Simple! Thanks.

The “Save As” approach was my immediate assumed solution to creating components for addition to a new Nomad sculpt or simply using as a base and perhaps deleting parts that one does not want and then adding other parts to the scene.

But, I also want to try the export to gtLF approach since that might prove a way to keep things in folders etc.

Have you tried the export to gtlf?

Yep, I’ve exported the parts of my mesh to gtlf, all in separate files. So that works well enough.

I made a request for save selected as a scene.
It makes sense and one would have a thumb in preview as well.

Thanks Selek I’ll give this approach a go