More small TOP menus for the tools. They are space-saving and time saving

Top menus for the rest of the tools.

Trim / Split Tool
Icon - Front facing
Icon - Boolean / Legacy / Fill / None / Color

Move Drag Tool
Icon - Front facing
Icon - Silhouette

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Additonal suggestion (since those menus heavily depend on personal workflow and requirements)

It would be neat if all options/commands in the “tool settings” menu could be marked as favorites.

Then only favorite options would be shown in the top floating menu



It might do it but most options miss icons or have long labels the won’t fit properly.
But maybe it can do the trick.


I think this would be quite nice. If people are bothered by the menu they can just set no favorites at all, in which case no floating menu appears.

In case you decide to go that route, maybe the icon creation could the be crowd sourced? (Could make sense to open a thread asking users to design some of the missing icons, I would certainly contribute some of them)


Id be also happy with sorting favourites to the top of the existing tools bar.

I would really love to “pin” favorite menu items to the top of the screen, and maybe swap which pinned items are there for certain workflows (early sculpting vs paint work vs later on baking for example)

maybe something like zbrush ui customization mode but instead of moving ui elements you just add a checkbox to “pin to hotbar” or something like it?