Favorite tools

Hey everyone!
Especially on iPhone, a favorite tools panel would be useful.
Best wishes,

You can change the order of your tools in the tool bar. Just reorder them so your favorites are on top and it’s pretty much a fav. tool panel.

Thanks for the suggestion! Not on iPhone, though: The whole panel always needs to be displayed and it closes once using a tool. A small locked menu would be useful (e.g. 5 tools) that doesn’t get closed. Also, even on iPad it would be useful to only display the tools you need to use.

You can do it on every device, not sure what you mean by that.
You can Drag the tool inside your toolbox.

Take a look at this setting. Even on iPhone you can make the menu stay put.

Thanks for pointing out! Wasn’t aware about that feature. Still, it results in the whole side bar being displayed and screen space real estate is limited on iPhone. Would much rather be able to set a toolbar tool number and have the side bar shrink accordingly.