Timeline with keyframes for camera & layer

The renderer in Nomad it very satisfying.
Making short animations with keyframes for layer opacity and camera would give nomad users a complete new dimension to work with and to present their work. Best with path for camera movement,


Since you mentioned it… It may be outside the scope of this app, but key framing layer positions and being able to export as movie or png sequence would be gold. Perhaps a standalone “utility” app for things like this would be a good idea also. We could import the glb files and run operations on them.

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It’s not only about layer positions. You can build blend shapes with layers to morph a face by time.
Like here:

It’s not so much used in zBrush. ZBrush renderer is super complicate and slow without giving the results you want.
(I know, it’s possible, I was following Michalis those days, a render guru in zBrush……who left for blender to sculpt directly with a decent render system)

On zBrush are more professionals with direct access to other software.
But Nomad is on a platform without animation apps and some turntables presented here are already gorgeous!
Could be super nice for social media.