Connected element for rig, posing, mechanics. Animation frame by frame

Nomad is the best app , very intuitive and amazing rendering options.

It would be really the best app of the univers if we can connect and fix elements together like to rig a character, or any type of object in a way that could create a type of mechanic

Also a frame to frame editing mode to make animation in stop motion , that could be worked as on the modeling and sculpting , as on the light parameters, and the gizmo (position) of the subject , the render, and more would even more amazing .

I thing it would be kind of revolutionary with the app potential, it would be unique in the market , like a virtual clay animation studio worked really hand by hand (touch) and combined to mechanic :slight_smile:

I’m French I don’t have the good words , if someone understand and could explain better my idea , it would be nice.