Timeline for short animations

it would be awesome if we could also do short animations… a timeline and some graph functions would be awesome :smiley:

maybe let us render the turntable :smiley: also a few more options for the turntable… for example only let one selected object turn and the other objects wich arent selected are not movin…

here are a few more things i would love to see in the future :smiley:

  • lowpoly editing (- maybe even a few cad functions)
  • retopo
  • snap functions (for rotation, messurements, snap to other object etc…)
  • deform tools (twist,flaten,curve)
  • more boolean options (like pathfinder in adobe illustrator)
  • pressure indicator
  • maybe even a few cad functions
  • quick menu
  • more posing options with combination of the layer menu and a timeline
  • basic rigging features
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