Turntable loop export


humbly requesting for a feature to be integrated into the turntable UI where it allows you to export a loop video (hopefully in various file formats?) as i am doing various models for a project i am working on where i need them to be perfect loops.

my current alternative is simply screen recording it then manually trimming the vid etc to make a loop – however it is not always easy to trim the exact frames and oftentimes results in choppy loops.

would greatly appreciate a response and/or the feature being integrated per this request asap, thank you very much in advance, this application is simply amazing and hate to ask for more, but this feature would be absolutely ideal for what i am in need of.


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I too like to export turntable vids, I tend to just use screen capture and let it overlap, an option to render it out would be cool.

But low priority as it’s easy to make your own loops, just requires frame by frame cutting of the video.

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yeah pretty much haha. i agree that it would probably be low priority, however it’d still be a great feature to have nonetheless :slight_smile: mostly considering that manual looping can be very tedious… looking forward to possibly having this option in the future <3

I do the same, but Pre Rendering the turntable so to have better shadows would be great, those look jaggy in the turntable

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