Turn table extended

Could be cool to add a kind of free camera for the turntable.

What I mean is, you have the model in the middle, and then you are controlling the camera with a small joystick like controller (just a circle, with an smaller circle inside) on the screen, then you can move the camera with the joystick and set the speed, faster the more the inner circle is from the center, the faster the camera moves, and when you let go of the joystick, the camera keeps moving in that direction, at the same speed.

The purpose of this, is being able to quickly create some shots, via screen recorder, that can be combined ex. in LumaFusion or similar, so everything can be kept on one device, and still stilling in the couch.

It’s not imported, could just be a nice feature, but of course, sculpting tools has a higher priority :slight_smile:

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It would be nice to have a little bit of fixed position control on the turntable. For me the model is sometimes too small in the centre of the screen when the rotation starts. When I pinch too zoom the model goes off centre and the rotation looks terrible because the pinch to zoom has off centred it. Would be nice to have some sort of lock target to model or keep the model centred even if you pinch to zoom in or out.
But that’s just a small niggle.


I agree with Adam. I want to get closer to my model but turntable pushes you out further and zooming in messes up the rotation. Would love more camera settings

You can disable “on camera gesture start” in camera setting.
Double tapping on the background also resets the camera and pivot at the center.

Maybe I can force disable “on camera gestural tap” in turntable mode, I’ll think about it.


Un-checking those camera settings has helped. Thanks. :+1:t2: