Render turntable

Hi all,

Obviously there’s no way to render out a clean turntable animation other then a dirty gif (unless I’m wrong). I’m wondering how people are rendering their turntables? Obviously this is a feature request. Rendering out images in series eg “project-0001.tif”, “project-0002.tif” would be ideal.



iPad users have the built in iOS screen recording feature, not sure how to do it if you use Android.


As an android user (samsung s7 tab) i too have a built in screen recorder.

You can get android apps that screen record out too. Ive tried one or two. They worked ok for me.

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Problem is that depending on the geometry, the playback can slightly stutter and of course, the cleanliness of the render isn’t there either. Really hope @stephomi can add a progressive render-to-image feature in the future so that the frames can be dropped into a third-party video editor. Any plans for this @stephomi ?


+1 same here! I too get the stuttering/cleanliness issue; I brush it away as the charm of it being realtime, but wouldn’t say no to a progressive render-to-image (or video file)

I haven’t tried it myself as i haven’t had a need to. But what about rendering the turntable out as a gif ?