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Obviously there’s no way to render out a clean turntable animation other then a dirty gif (unless I’m wrong). I’m wondering how people are rendering their turntables? Obviously this is a feature request. Rendering out images in series eg “project-0001.tif”, “project-0002.tif” would be ideal.



iPad users have the built in iOS screen recording feature, not sure how to do it if you use Android.


As an android user (samsung s7 tab) i too have a built in screen recorder.

You can get android apps that screen record out too. Ive tried one or two. They worked ok for me.

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Problem is that depending on the geometry, the playback can slightly stutter and of course, the cleanliness of the render isn’t there either. Really hope @stephomi can add a progressive render-to-image feature in the future so that the frames can be dropped into a third-party video editor. Any plans for this @stephomi ?


+1 same here! I too get the stuttering/cleanliness issue; I brush it away as the charm of it being realtime, but wouldn’t say no to a progressive render-to-image (or video file)

I haven’t tried it myself as i haven’t had a need to. But what about rendering the turntable out as a gif ?

I was looking too for an option to render a single turntable and have the PNG sequence or an H.264 video, anyway, ¿do anybody knows another app for render sequences on iPad? I was reading about Cadmio but looks more as a visualiser rather than a render app. Thanks for reading.

Your idea of rendering sequences will not turn out what you want.
What you would need is an internal renderer in Nomad, calculating every single frame according to your post process settings.

This is not possible in the moment. Except you render frame by frame and rotate camera each time. Maybe 1.66 will give you a chance with binding a node to a camera and rotational snapping. I won’t check that, way to tedious.

Under the line iPad screen recording with Nomad real-time preview is what you have to life with, or you become stop motion master.

Luma Fusion is OK to cut and convert your video to H.264.

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Can Lumafusion take separate frames for stop motion style work?

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Yes, you can use Frames in Lumafusion…

No. Lumafusion does not record stop motion from screen as far as I know.
There is no app I’ve heard of, that does stop motions from screenshots directly.
From camera, yes, but not Lumafusion, I guess.
I mentioned Lumafusion for export screen recorded video to H.264 mp4.

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