Screen cap app

I’ve read that some folks are using screen capture apps to record their turntables. There are a ton to choose from…Anyone have any good suggestions for one?

iOS or Android?

If iOS, I find the native app to work just fine. Record, then save to Photos. From there, use whatever vid editing app you like.

The native screen capture in iOS is really nice, very simple to use and you can easily trim at the start/end.

The only thing I really miss is a way to compress it to mp4 because the file is always huge.
I’m using an app called MediaConvert to do the conversion. I tried several apps but many tends to reduce the quality too much.

For my Android phone I was using AZ Screen Recorder’ but I only used it a couple of time. So I don’t have a deep opinion,

I am on IOS as well. IOS screen recording is super helpful and I don’t know any tool else. Edit: I was looking for screen recording apps for IOS. There is a bunch available now, like GoRecord wich can be accessed with long press on screen recording button. Did not find one for the compression issue so far. I am always editing, at least in & out, so no need, but interesting maybe for others. At the end it could be possible they just hook on IOS recording and offering nothing really more?

For simple in & out stuff, I use intern IOS edit function.
For editing with text, cross blending, this and that, I know nothing more complete than Lumafusion. Mixes 6 video layers with audio.You can keyframe position etc. But not move keyframes…but you can adjust compression to your likeness and it renders super fast. Also in mp4. Good but complex.

Premiere Rush is a bit more easy to use and has the highest playback speed for timelapse videos. Is it x6 in Lumafusion, it is x10 in Rush, which was often the reason to choose Rush instead of Lumafusion. But does not leave much options regarding compression.

GoPro is offering Splice for free, can be an option as well.

Thanx for the info. To be honest…I didn’t even realize that iOS had its own built in. This helps a lot thank you everyone :+1: