High quality option for turntable

The turntable currently feels like it tries to maintain a constant framerate, meaning if you have GI turned on, the samples are cut short and it looks very blotchy.

It would be great to have an option to allow a lower framerate, meaning a high quality turntable. In my mind I could imagine setting this at like 1 frame per second, let it cook a turntable while the ipad is screen recording, then take the video into a video editor and speed it up 24x, so its a beautiful high res turntable.

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I don’t think even that would be good enough due to the inbuilt compression of screen capture on iOS.

Maybe if camera menu had equivalent of rotational repeater node (slider sets the amount of camera positions around the model = number of frames) then render image sequence with image size and quality as per single frame rendering…?

Let it run, if there’s a crash or low battery issue you could pause and pickup the rendering at the last completed image in sequence

Just my 2 cents

Edit: the more I think about it the more I think it could also work with curve repeater node too for more complex shots such as low camera looking up at model, spiralling up to finish looking down - set start/end cameras and slider setting number of tween frames

It’s not a framerate issue. When the camera moves, frame accumulation sampling stops and it only relies on TAA (which is nowhere comparable, and sometimes can makes it worse by introducing blurring/ghosting).

You can try reducing the rotation speed a lot and then increasing the video speed afterwards. But it will still rely on TAA.

The gif generator does generates images with frame accumulation but it can takes a while (and more importantly gif quality/size is meh)

The quality is very good, almost no compression. But the file size is huge.
On the contrary, I wished there was a controllable compression option for iOS because reducing the file size is mandatory before uploading to social, etc